on January 11, 2018 .

Few updates for 2018:

Payments - Due to the violent Bitcoin rise and fall we will be updating the 10% discount on orders to 5%.. No date has been set yet, so make the most of 10% off while you can.. Also due to fees ging up, we may also be adding a small fee for card payments provided by, but this is still under negociations.. Update in Febuary..

ICO/ITO - We have been approached by a set of cryptographers suggesting the creation of a RC coin. This is early stage but welcome feedback from our member at this early stage. Please contact us via email if this is of interest. The initial plan is to create a Coin, Wallet and a annonymous marketplace via the app Telegram. More information Q1.

Bitcoin - We also plan to start selling Bitcoin via to our customers. More info ASAP.

Any questions, please contact us via email..

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