on October 10, 2019 .

We have big news! The laws in the Netherlands (NL) are changing soon. We do not know when yet but it is happening. A 90 day warning is likely but not guaranteed. As soon as we know more details we will make a post here.

What does this mean? Well being based in NL it means we will loose a large percentage of products. This will likely be the end of the Research Chemical (RC) market as we know it since nearly all RC’s originate from or move through NL.

We do expect some products to remain, and new products may replace some of the old, but again no guarantees..

We are expecting strong controls on all analogs of Phenethylamines including all Cathinones like 3-MMC etc. 

The laws will not only cover Phenethylamines, with a large variety of Chemicals included. However we do know Cathinones will go, along with others.

As soon as we get more details like dates we will post a blog here so watch this space!

In short, stock up now while you can. Many of our popular products will go off line and stay gone..


Tags: laws, Research Chemicals Last update: October 12, 2019