on Aug 09, 2017 .

Chem.eu now have large stocks on 4-MEC Crystal Powder (Fine Crystal). Please contact if you require wholesale amounts ASAP.

Also, we now stock 4-CMC GLASS, 3-MEC, Clonazolam Pellets, plus 1P-LSD Blotters are back in stock.. In the next couple of days we will also be selling 4-CMC Glass Crystal. 

on Aug 02, 2017 .

Got any of the NEW Bitcoin Cash or any Altcoins?? Wish to spend it at Chem.eu?

Contact us now

on Jul 04, 2017 .

Good news for you herbal fans. Chem.eu can now offer Herbal Blends from 1g to 500g.

We can also now offer the following NEW flavours:

- Blueberry(s)
- Kiwi
- Strawberry(s)
- Bubblegum
- Orange
- Lemon(s)
- Rum & Rasin
- Mango
- Cherry
- Tutti Fruity
- Grape & many more!

Please contact us for wholesale or general questions


on Jul 03, 2017 .

NEW products, all coming soon to Chem.eu:

4-MEC Crystal - https://www.chem.eu/4-mec
Range of Cannabis Seeds - https://www.chem.eu/seeds
Cannabidiol (CBD) Vape - https://www.chem.eu/cbd

on Jun 16, 2017 .

SGT-151 is now ready to buy in the following weights: 1g, 2g, 3g and 5g.

If you need wholesale (1KG+) please contact us via email on: wholesale@Chem.eu

Please nore, SGT-151 is very potent. The best cannabanoid on the market and legal alsmost througfhout Europe


on Jun 01, 2017 .

Dr Duzz, AKA 6-APB pellets are now for sale via Chem.eu

Each pellet contains 85mg 6-APB, and 15mg Nutmeg..

Order yours today, click HERE


on Apr 13, 2017 .

Due to a public holiday in the Netherlands, there is no shipping on Monday the 17th of April..

Happy Easter. Thanks for understanding..