on Mar 10, 2016 .

We have a large supply of the following products on offer (regular wholesale customers only:

- 3MMC Crystal - 500g minimum (Shipped from the Netherlands)
- Ethylphenidate Crystal/Powder (Shipped from Spain)
- Mexedrone Crystal/Powder (Shipped from the UK)

Please email us for prices and payment conditions on: wholesale@Chem.eu

on Mar 06, 2016 .

BuyAnyChem.eu (BAC) has moved to its new home: www.Chem.eu

No need to panic. Same products, same great service. Old BAC customers do NOT need to sign up again.

More cool changes coming soon, keep your eye on our Blog..

on Mar 03, 2016 .

The UK Goverment has now confirmed a UK Blanket Ban date on all Psychoactive Substances. The is expected to take on the 6th of April 2016 (Less than 5 weeks from now)

This will NOT effect customers from the EU. As soon as we know more, BAC will update you!

on Mar 01, 2016 .

We can now welcome the best and probably last EU RC Pellet called: 2C-B-FLY

We also have Sky High back in stock ready to buy. CLICK HERE


on Feb 02, 2016 .

We are happy to add nicotine E-Liquids to our product range (E-Cigs coming soon).

Our UK Pharma grade E-Liquids come in different flavors and strengths to choose from.


on Jan 21, 2016 .

The BAC EU office is back open!

3-MMC & Ethylphenidate back in stock ready to buy now..

on Dec 17, 2015 .

- Wednesday 23rd December - Normal 2pm Cut off
- Thursday 24th December - Closed
- Christmas Day 25th - Closed
- Boxing Day 26th - Closed
- Sunday 27th December - Closed
- Monday 28th December - Closed
- Tuesday 29th December - Normal 2pm Cut off
- Wednesday 30th December - Normal 2pm Cut off
- New Years Eve 31st December - Closed
- New Years Day 1st of January - Closed
- Saturday 2nd January - Closed
- Sunday 3rd January - Closed
- Monday 4th January – Back to Normal

Happy Xmas and new year from BAC

on Dec 14, 2015 .

A small amount of customers are getting over charged. We would like to point out our payment processor for legal reasons is based in China, and on rare occasions the currancy conversion rate can change while you're checking out and the final price seen on your statement can be different to that expected/billed.

If this has/does happen to you, send us proof via email and we will compensate you ASAP..

We are working on a NEW safer and trusted billing services. Thanks for understanding