on Sep 17, 2017 .

Chem.eu are happy to pleased to sart selling 2 new Benzos in Blotter form:


Hurry while stocks last.. 

on Sep 13, 2017 .

Chem.eu can soon be offer a new product and maybe the best Research Chemical (RC) product in years...

Legal accross most of Europe (do your checks) it is simply called: 3-FEA

Being compared to 2-FA this NEW RC is set to become a very popular product indeed due to its high potency, high quality, and low price(s).. Plans are to start with small powder sales and up scale with pellets too over several weeks..

Watch this space.. 

on Aug 09, 2017 .

Chem.eu now have large stocks on 4-MEC Crystal Powder (Fine Crystal). Please contact if you require wholesale amounts ASAP.

Also, we now stock 4-CMC GLASS, 3-MEC, Clonazolam Pellets, plus 1P-LSD Blotters are back in stock.. In the next couple of days we will also be selling 4-CMC Glass Crystal. 

on Aug 02, 2017 .

Got any of the NEW Bitcoin Cash or any Altcoins?? Wish to spend it at Chem.eu?

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on Jul 04, 2017 .

Good news for you herbal fans. Chem.eu can now offer Herbal Blends from 1g to 500g.

We can also now offer the following NEW flavours:

- Blueberry(s)
- Kiwi
- Strawberry(s)
- Bubblegum
- Orange
- Lemon(s)
- Rum & Rasin
- Mango
- Cherry
- Tutti Fruity
- Grape & many more!

Please contact us for wholesale or general questions


on Jul 03, 2017 .

NEW products, all coming soon to Chem.eu:

4-MEC Crystal - https://www.chem.eu/4-mec
Range of Cannabis Seeds - https://www.chem.eu/seeds
Cannabidiol (CBD) Vape - https://www.chem.eu/cbd

on Jun 16, 2017 .

SGT-151 is now ready to buy in the following weights: 1g, 2g, 3g and 5g.

If you need wholesale (1KG+) please contact us via email on: wholesale@Chem.eu

Please nore, SGT-151 is very potent. The best cannabanoid on the market and legal alsmost througfhout Europe