on Feb 13, 2017 .

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on Dec 07, 2016 .

Friday 23rd December - Open
Saturday 24th December (Xmas Eve) - Closed
Sunday 25th December (Merry Xmas) - Closed
Monday 26th December - Closed
Tuesday 27th December - Open (update)
Wednesday 28th December -  Open (update)
Thursday 29th December - Closed
Friday 30th December - Closed
Saturday 31th December (NYE) - Closed

Sunday 1st January 2017 (NY Day) - Closed - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Monday 2nd January 2017 - Closed
Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - Closed  
Wednesday 4th January 2017 - Open & staying open

Please note we will still take payments and orders, plus support will continue. If you between the above dates (while we...

on Oct 14, 2016 .

We have been getting some emails from customers saying that ByeCoins.com is not working and showing errors from time to time?

It seems to be a rare error and we are working on a fix, but if this does happen please do not worry and try again later.

For more info on ByeCoins please CLICK HERE 

on Oct 11, 2016 .

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on Sep 27, 2016 .

We are happy to start selling the following 2 NEW products on sale now:

- 2mg Etizolam Blotters
- 3-MEC Crystal
- 4-CMC Crystal (Coming soon)

on Sep 03, 2016 .

Chem.eu can now offer a massive clearance sale while stocks last


Minimum spend is 50€ - Pellet products only..

- Flubromazepam Pellets (4mg & 8mg) 
- Metizolam Pellets
- 3,4-CTMP Pellets
- Nifoxipam Pellets
- Diclazepam Pellets
- Ethylphenidate Pellets
- Pyrazolam Pellets


on Aug 09, 2016 .

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