Credit & Debit Cards:

Its simple and fast, you do not need to do anything its fully automatic. Please note we charge in EUR but some of our billing providers bill us in USD, so expect small price differences.

Credit & Debit Cards carry a 10% FEE

Large or 1st time customers may require a 1 time security check (per payment card). 1 photo showing a picture of the card you used to make payment (Front ONLY). If you wish you may cover part of your card but we must be able to see any 4 numbers of the long card number. As soon as the information is received and confirmed your order will be shipped. 

PLEASE NOTE. Other than Bitcoin, Chem manually processes all payments on a order by order basis. This is not the fastest way to work but is safe and for our security. We will provide payments details ASAP for all orders, big or small..



What is bitcoin (BTC)?

1 - Sign up for a Bitcoin wallet. Google "Bitcoin wallet" or search your mobile App store. Use the same process to locate where and how to buy Bitcoins. Some wallets provide both service.

2 - When you have Bitcoin(s) in a wallet your ready to shop! To shop with simply buy as normal and when you checkout select Bitcoin as your payment method. 10% off is automatically be deducted.

3 - When you have ordered we will send you an email confirmation with our Bitcoin address needed to send your payment to. Or you'll be able to pay there and then (best option all round). However you may need to log into your wallet and send the correct amount requested in your order email confirmation..

4 - Email us with your order number and confirm you have sent a Bitcoin payment. We then pair your payment to your order and ship the same day if possible.

Bank Transfers (5€ FLAT FEE):

All orders from Europe can be paid for via bank transfer with a small 2€ fee. If you are a new customers, please choose an alternative option.


If you wish to cancel any order placed you must do this yourself via your account (Red X), or notify us before your order reaches the status: Awaiting Shipping.. An administration cancellation fee of 10% apply. If you wish to receive a store credit that can be spent at a later date then no fee will be deducted.